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    Dr. Santosh Singh secured her triple Masters in Sociology, English and Education from Lucknow University and Agra University respectively. She holds a doctorate in Sociology from Rajasthan University. She was also awarded post-doctoral fellowship by ICSSR, New Delhi. After a stint of teaching in BDKM Post-Graduate College, Agra, she was given a prestigious assignment of imparting training in secretarial work to the future bureaucrats of Namibia, under the aegis of Internal Security Academy, Mount Abu, Rajasthan. She has been associated with Institute of Social Sciences (ISS) New Delhi since 1996.

    Her published works are: – ‘Passion for Flames’; ‘Learning Societies – Shifting Patterns’; ‘Combatant Women’; ‘Violence Against Rural Women’; ‘Women Empowerment and Civil society’ in The Indian Women’s Journey- the last Five Decades.

    She has contributed a number of research articles and stories to national journals, magazines and newspapers. She is focusing on women empowerment, water and sanitation, conflict and gendered violence, panchayati raj and civil society. Currently she is senior fellow of Institute of Social Sciences, New Delhi. She can be reached at singhsantoshchauhan@gmail.com